Welkom, Bienvenidas, 欢迎, स्वागत हे, مرحبا

ElShark is an Egyptian family business that was founded in 1981 ,and got specialized in Growing, Packaging and Distributing Premium Quality fruits and vegetables. In 1988, when the citrus fruit exportation became Privatized, ElShark was one of the first 3 companies to earn the citrus exporting license, and establish their plants. We understood the international market needs and successfully exceeded the customers’ expectations by exporting top quality products.



In a very dynamic business and market, we are always keen on being technologically updated in all our business fields ranging from agricultural methods, to acquiring latest machinery, to applying new packaging techniques, and implementing in the highest quality measures  in-order to meet our customers’ needs and fulfill our promise. We are determined to maintain and leave a Bold footprint in every market we enter.


  • Offering the highest quality to customers.
  • Invading new international markets.
  • Building and maintaining a successful long-lasting business relationship with our customers.
  • Earning new certificates.
  • Standing tall in all foreign Exhibitions.
  • Proudly presenting the Egyptian products in the right way it deserves.
  • Maintaining a clean hygienic work environment.