Our House

  1. The latest addition to our packing house in 2017 was the all new Global Scan 6 electronic sorting sizer from MAF RODA, that is responsible for sorting, grading and categorizing “in-terms of size, quality and color” of different varieties of citrus fruits including Oranges, Lemons and Mandarins.
  2. Open-top automatic carton tray former machine producing an hourly capacity of 1400 box.
  3. Automatic de-palletizing machine to facilitate the transfer of the fruit to the production line.
  4. Palletizing machines that assure the tight hold of the pallet for safe storage and loading of pallets.
  5. Four Speed packer machines for automatic packing fruit into the cartons for high speed and quality.
  6. Three sorting stages in addition to the new Global scan sorting to assure the arrival of the highest quality fruits to the manual packing tables and automatic speed packers. All of which is under the supervision of the Finished Product Quality Control Department.
  7. Seven refrigerated rooms including pre-cooling system standing a total capacity of 800 tons.